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What is Arts Expression?


Arts Expression is the brainchild of Christine Calleja - an annual art exhibition with the aim to showcase the works of a group of talented artists – whose work will include paintings, sculptures, photographs, ceramics, digital arts and more.

Arts Expression was founded in 2005 and since then has organised

6 successful editions where overall, over 90 artists have taken part.





The main objective of Arts Expression is to promote art, through the artists.

Through this art exhibition, we thrive to create an equal platform

for all participating artists and we do this by giving the opportunity

to upcoming artists to exhibit together with established artists.



Why Arts Expression?


The concept of our exhibition is to promote art in its various forms - through paintings, sculptures, photography, ceramics, digital arts and more. We also emphasise on the free and expressive use of colour,

in artworks as we believe that colour is a very powerful medium

which provokes thoughts and ideas.

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